Federal Grant Writing and Management for Innovative Technologies

A Different Approach

At GrantWerx, we believe that your innovative technology deserves the funding you need to get to the market.

At GrantWerx, we can evaluate your technology and determine the best grant for your needs.





We partner with you to determine your specific needs. Then, we make a grant funding plan that will help you reach your goals of getting your product to market.

Why Get a Federal Grant

Most innovative technology has a long R&D cycle prior to commercialization.

A Federal grant provides your company with equity-free funding to get you to commercialization. We have the very best consultants to help you obtain grants for commercialization

Helping Companies obtain grants from:

  • NIH
  • NSF
  • DOE
  • SBIR (all agencies)



Grant Search

We can do a search for all relevant grants and give you a document with a timeline for submittals


Grant Consulting

We can help you develop a project plan that will improve your chance of winning a large Federal grant


Grant Writing

We will collaborate with you to create a compelling and successful grant application


Grant management

Once you have received a grant, we can make sure you stay in proper compliance. We can also attend meetings with regulators.



Micah Kormylo

Julee is organized, thoughtful, proactive, and creative. She exceeded EVERY expectation that we had. Her work product was top notch and she is a professional in EVERY sense of the word. 


Jeff Hopfenbeck



Julee played an instrumental role in getting our EERE grant application done under a very tight deadline. Her extensive experience writing federal grants allowed us to get more done (and be more efficient) than we would have otherwise been able to. She also went above and beyond to help address some last-minute challenges we ran into the day before the application was due. We can’t thank her enough!

About Our Company




Determined to create something better, our company was formed to help small businesses commercialize products without losing huge portions of their company to investors. 

With our background in start-up fundraising and university tech transfer, we understand all of the hurdles to getting an innovative product the funding it deserves.

We can gather the appropriate partners for your grant applications which can vastly increase your odds of success.

We help you to create a team that can present the best possible grant project and to manage that project once you have received the grant!